Sunday, May 18, 2008

Visual Metaphor Research- Visual Metaphors

Target: the newscaster
Source: a clown
Ground: they both have a sense of being ridiculous in their actions
Tension: newscasters don't actually get hit by pies during breaking news
The relation between a clown and a newscaster is seen through the pie, and it isn't directly emphasized that the two are related. The effect of the pie and its movement makes that clear in this image, though. This image uses replacement in it, as the newscaster's head can't be seen.

Target: flashlight
Source: can
Ground: they both are conserved and compacted in some way
Tension: light isn't as compact as canned items
This image seems to make a statement of how easy electric power is to come by, and how power is marketable similar to canned food. This image uses fusion of the flashlight and the can.

Target: smoker's teeth
Source: cigarettes in the teeth
Ground: both have similar appearances when simplistic
Tension: cigarettes would technically make the teeth a non-white color. This image gives a sense of oddity towards it, as the teeth merge and almost become unnoticeable as cigarettes for a second. This image uses fusion.

Target: divorce/the cake
Source: saw in the wedding cake
Ground: they both are painful in their own ways
Tension: the wedding cake technically wouldn't be around anymore by the time the divorce occurs; a ring might have been a little more effective. This image shows a physical version of the pain that can be faced during a divorce. The image seems to use juxtaposition.

Target: New York's economy/Statue of Liberty
Source: empty gas tank
Ground: both are low
Tension: the image relates more to gas than money in general. This image seems to focus on the most common symbols of New York and lack of fuel; these both provide emphasis of New York "running out of fuel. This image uses fusion.

Target: person in front of a class
Source: broken image links
Ground: both have a sense of missing-ness
Tension: the broken image on the head is barely visable. This image seems to focus on online relations to the frustration of a broken image compared to the frustration of public speaking most have. This image uses replacement.

Target: the earth

Source: broken egg

Ground: they both are fragile in their own way

Tension: the earth's size can compare quite as well to an egg
This image seems to emphasize the fragile-ness of the earth environment-wise or another. With the yolk a part of the earth, this image uses fusion.

Target: eye

Source: sky

Ground: they both seem endless when looking at them

Tension: the sky actually is very vast while an eye isn't
This image portrays the viewer as the sky, and it gives the sense of endlessness. The image uses fusion.

Subject: horse

Source: tree

Ground: they both emerge from nature

Tension: horses are more mobile than trees

This image depicts the relation of nature among various parts from animal to plant. This image uses fusion.

Subject: animals in the field

Source: hand

Ground: they both have a bit of an eternal presence

Tension: they don't relate too well other than from the meaning

This image has a sense of an omnipresence among the animals, and it uses juxtaposition.

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