Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Illustrator Research #17- Art Valero

Art Valero was born on 1967 in Mexico City. Art accepts a wide variety of editorial work as well as producing original conceptual paintings that were meant for advertising, corporate brochures and annual reports. His work has been published in Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Australia, Hong Kong and the United States. Art was first published by the Washington Post in 1994 and has quickly become a highlysought after illustrator. Along with numerous awards his work has been accepted into Communication Arts volumes 40 and 41 illustration editions, and he is in many private collections.

His painting method with acrylics seems to focus on bright colors with contrasting lights and darks, as well as showing off dabs and sections of the paint through small and simple shapes.

Some of his clients include the U.S. Post Office, Prudential, GTE, LA Times, Detroit Free Press,Washington Post, Miami New Times, Dow Jones & Co., Foreign Service Journal, Governing, American Banker, Datamation, Globe Communications, Metropolis Corp, and American Prospect.

His work seems to me to create a sense of anonymity, as several of the figures he uses don't have descriptive faces. This works well with the clients he works with, as it focuses on the general sense of corporate, economic, or political issues, even though some of the political ones become more detailed among the figures.

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