Friday, May 23, 2008

Illustrator Research #35- Peggy Fussell

Peggy Fussell received a BA in fashion design & merchandising with one minor in fine art and another minor in philosophy. She attended graduate school at Pratt Institute while working as an art director at a small graphics firm in New York City. She then moved to Dallas, Texas where for the next eight years she worked in post production creating animation and special effects for advertising, music videos and documentaries. For four years she was commissioned to create animated opens for the annual Dallas Video Festival. These animations were featured at the festival and later on public television.

Some of her clients have been Johns Hopkins University, The Walters Art Museum, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Baltimore Sun, La Dolce Diva, Inc., The Urbanite Magazine, Whiskey Island Pirate Shop, and Ghirardelli Chocolate Company.

Her working method involves various media; she mainly creates collages often with digital aspects with torn paper. She also uses acrylics and colored pencils in some of her work.

Peggy Fussell's work stands out to me in the lineart specifically. It all has a nice rhythmic flow to create simple figures and shapes with just a few lines. There are also solid, straight lines that are interesting, and they are incorporated to demonstrate specific details.

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