Saturday, May 24, 2008

Illustrator Research #44- Ken Perkins

Ken Perkins grew up in Alaska and later received an art degree from Colorado Institute of Art in Denver. He specializes in Scratchboard and Pen & Ink Illustration, and has worked in the commercial art field as an Illustrator for more than 25 years. Ken's home and studio are located in Broomfield, Colorado.

Some of his clients have been American Express, Compaq, Gateway, Honda, Houston Opera, L.L. Bean, Maxwell House Coffee, Outback Steakhouse, Pizza Hut, Psychology Today Magazine, Sears, Shell Oil, Toyota, Union Pacific, and United Technologies.

His work focuses on pen and ink and scratchboard, and this also mixes in woodcuts and etching with these.

His work is very interesting through its style of markmaking; his coloring technique also creates soft colors among highly contrasting marks.

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