Thursday, May 15, 2008

Illustrator Research #3- Jesse LeDoux

Working over seven years as an art director and designer for Seattle-based Sub Pop Records and founding member of Patent Pending Design, LeDoux created iconic album and poster artwork for such artists such as The Shins, Iron and Wine, and Hot Hot Heat before launching his own illustration/design firm LeDouxville, in 2004. With work in the permanent collection at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, his art has been exhibited nationwide and abroad.

A Grammy Awards nominee, LeDoux currently works out of his studio in Tokyo, Japan, where he continues to combine the basics to create his work, “pens, pencils and a few sheets of paper.” His working method in general usually consists of silkscreening and he also uses ink, watercolor, and acrylics.
Some of his clients he has worked for has been Nike, Target, Death Cab for Cutie, Drive-Thru Records, House of Blues Concerts, Fantagraphics, and HOW Magazine.

I really like the simplicity of his work along with his use of bright colors. His style is unique, and it has a strong sense of design to it. The characters he creates are also all really interesting.
His website can be found here:

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