Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Article Metaphors- Article Research 3

When faith and culture collide
This article focuses on problems that emerge from religious traditions being accepted by the law. It begins by mentioning that Britons are wondering if they have gone too far to accomodate minorities: having a want to have "Britishness" instilled more. Rowan Williams, the archbishop of Canterbury, suggested earlier for a public space for Muslim law, and there were calls for his resignation. It is questioned whether religion can have a place in the legal systems of the West. A writer named Jytte Klausen focused on this in her book, "The Islamic Challenge," which demonstrated that a German court in 1995 ruled that while Jews could be exempted from strict laws governing animal slaughter, Muslims could not. Muslims in Germany were furious that they weren't allowed their religious customs while others were. After Jews have dealt with events of struggle such as the Holocaust, they have religious space among the government codes, but Muslims do not as much. Williams hopes there can be compromises between Islamic law and the statutory laws of the UK without compromising British freedoms.

Visuals Associated: Jewish star, UK flag, various religious symbols, Qur'an

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