Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Article Metaphors- Article Research 2

BabyTV and BabyFirstTV target the diaper set
This article describes a debate going on about the recent TV channels, BabyTV and BabyFirstTV, which are meant for ages as young as 6 months old. The article gives a small example of what an experience of BabyTV is like, and mentions how it has spread to the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. In the U.S., the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood has filed a complaint about the show, being that it is falsely promoting educational benefits. France has seen a backlash against it as well, being about the potential health risks of overexposure to television. The BabyFirstTV channel is possibly considering reducing hours, but managing director of CanalSat, Maxim Saada, states that if there were some studies showing there are real problems with child development, then they would take measures. A study was conducted at one point between 2 and 5 year olds; the study found that children at 5 years old who watched more than two hours of TV a day faced problems with sleep, attention, and aggressive behavior, but the early exposure didn't cause social or behavioral problems if the viewing was reduced as the child grew older. The article finishes with a statement by Saada, that this wasn't a debate about the channel but television in general.

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