Monday, May 12, 2008

Generating Topics

So for class, our starting exercise consists of generating topics for one of our upcoming projects. It starts with listing ten current events.
1. Tornadoes and severe weather have been going through the South and Midland recently.
2. Thoughts about the recent elections have been going on.
3. Gas prices have been continuing to rise.
4. There was a large earthquake recently in China.
5. Issues have been brought up about genetically modified human research- It focuses on the possibility of "designer babies".
6. There has been a large drought throughout the U.S.
7. The suspects in an NFL player's death won't be facing the death penalty.
8. Parents have been claiming that childhood vaccines cause autism should not be rewarded by the courts when scientists have already rejected any link.
9. Costs are rising at postal services.
10. Investigation continues for the collapsed mine from 2007.

Ten ongoing debates are also listed, and they are ones that will be relevant in ten years or they were at least ten years ago up until now.
1. Gender roles
2. Homosexual marriages
3. Abortion
4. Racism
5. Abstinence and sex before marriage
6. Media censorship
7. Existence of a God
8. Assisted suicide
9. Legalizing marijuana
10. Cloning

Ten personal interests are also listed.
1. Animals- Mainly domestic pets
2. Movies and Films
3. Drama within life in general
4. Philosophy
5. Reading
6. Cooking
7. Comic strips/Webcomics
8. Architecture
9. Traveling
10. Health (Foods and exercise)

Also listed are ten things that are going on in the world that I hate.
1. Intolerance
2. Apathy
3. Natural disasters
4. War
5. Pollution
6. Extreme stereotyping/labeling
7. Materialism
8. Selfishness
9. Corporate power
10. Conformity

Listed along with these are ten things going on in the world that I love.
1. Research towards cancer
2. Charities
3. Computers
4. A little more freedom and tolerance than in the past
5. Technological advances
6. No-kill animal shelters
7. More focus on love
8. More emphasis on healthy living
9. Fresh water
10. Pillows

Ten things that may happen that I'm looking forward to are also listed.
1. Computers advancing
2. Advances in medicine
3. Some sort of temporary peace
4. More tolerance towards the "newer" ideas of today
5. More of a reach towards equality
6. Poverty going down
7. Third world countries becoming more advanced and helped
8. Cartoons seen less as "only for kids"
9. For there not to be such a worry over terrorism
10. Healthier foods will be offered everwhere over fast foods

The final list is on ten subjects that are important to people I know, but I either don't care or know much about.
1. Sports
2. Rap music
3. Cars
4. High fashion
5. Smoking
6. Any kind of advanced math
7. Alcohol
8. Drugs
9. Partys
10. Stocks

Since the lists are all now compiled neatly, six of these topics are chosen to be the ones that I feel have potential for the next project.
1. Conformity
2. Gender roles
3. Possibilities of having "designer babies"
4. Gas prices rising higher
5. Apathy in the world (focused more on political aspects)
6. Stereotyping/Labeling

My later blog posts will have more detailed information on each of these topics.

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