Saturday, May 24, 2008

Illustrator Research #40- Audrey Ficociello

Audrey Ficociello's illustrations are featured in educational children's books. Her work reflects her youth spent on the family farm and in her grandmother's flower gardens. A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art, Audrey now resides near Boston, Massachusetts where in additional to her illustrating, she sells archival prints of her work and takes private painting commissions.

Some of her clients have been Teddy Bear Club, Humpty Dumpty Fell of a Rock Wall, Children's Programs, and The Pot Shop.

Her work process involves painting with a focus on watercolors.

I enjoy her illustrations by their style. The characters she creates give a strong sense of a fairytale world that could have been only imagined by children. The paint makes itself clear in her work, but the paint itself creates patterns and textures.

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