Monday, May 12, 2008

Chosen Topic Research #3- "Designer Babies"

Advanced reproductive technologies now allow parents and doctors to screen to have a healthy child. The technology may be heading towards being able to choose more specifics of the baby. A good description of the process with the fertilization and where research is heading is on this website:
The attributes that the child could possibly have in the future could be an enormous range, such as how tall they're likely to be, their body type, their hair and eye color, what sorts of illnesses they will be naturally resistant to, and even their IQ and personality type. Time describes this in detail on this website:,9171,989987,00.html

The concept of creating these "designer babies" is debatable, in that high amounts of inequality would exist among those that were not born this way. The usual debate of whether or not we're "playing God" or going too far is focused on here. A detailed article on this subject in its entirety is located below:

Although this could possibly be crossing a line scientifically, it may be more successful if there are several regulations towards the choices and those choosing. I think, overall, though, it would cause too much controversy at this time, if it isn't already, and the concept it uses seem pretty shallow to me.

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