Friday, May 23, 2008

Illustrator Research #33- Christina Rother

Christina Rother has worked as an artist in animation, publishing, advertising, and design for several years. Her work appears in books, magazines, food products, and in animated TV series, features and commercials. She has been employed as an illustrator, supervisor, Sr. background artist, matte painter and has her own successful illustration business. She has recently completed her Bachelor of Design degree in Illustration at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

Some of her clients include Animation House, Chickadee magazine, Cinera Productions, Harlequin, Kornblum Advertising, McGraw Hill Ryerson US, Nelvana, Phoenix Animation, Rosa Wesley US, and Toronto Tonight.

Her style is very naturalistic, and her work method consists of painting with gouache or using colored pencils.

What amazes me the most about her style is her use of colored pencils; these are simple and the typical beginner drawer's tool, yet she creates intricate details and naturalistic images with them. With most of the pieces, at first sight, I definitely wouldn't have considered that colored pencil was the medium.

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