Thursday, May 15, 2008

Illustrator Research #2- Michael Hacker

Michael Hacker was born on October 7th, 1981 in Feldkirch, Austria. Since 2002 he has been living and working in Vienna. In October 2002 he studied graphic design & advertising at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. From August - December 2005, he studied visual communication at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts.

His work is very bold and cartoony, although it tends to vary in style and in his working method. His method mainly consists of screen printing, with some pieces in ink and paintings mixed in. He worked with a graphic novel at one point along with gigposters. He also works with a group of artists called Atzgerei.

His clients have been Iglo, Eskimo, FM4 Frequency, Lisa Film, and Wienenergie or Bank Austria, and he contributed editorial illustration for magazines like News and Wiener and Faces.

I find his varying styles very interesting, and I really enjoy the crispness of his linework. His contrast in color in most of his pieces is strong, and this makes his work have a nice design element to it.

His website is located here:

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