Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Article Metaphors- Article Research 4

Health-conscious Japanese women are running in style
This article describes the running fad that has become prevalent in Japan. It begins by describing Anan, Tokyo's most influential women's magazine. The magazine states that "women who sweat are beautiful from the very core of their beings." The article describes that the number of Japanese who run more than twice a week has reached 280,000, and a large number of them are women under 45. The popularity of the Tokyo Marathon also has added to the running fever. The article mentions a brief history of running in Japan during the Edo Period from 1603-1864. Young women are now running with running skirts, leggings, tops shaped to flatter the torso and shoes in rainbow colors along with sweat-proof makeup. Sports companies are profiting from this fad, such as the Asics flagship store which makes customized running shoes to match the exact needs of the wearer. The article closes with a quote by a bank clerk named Midori Funabashi, who mentions that she prefers running to drinking.

Visuals Associated: shoes, colorful/rainbow shoes, makeup, jogging outfit, fashion magazine, running woman

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