Friday, May 23, 2008

Illustrator Research #27- Paul Mirocha

When Paul Mirocha was a young man in art school, he devoted himself to rendering the intricacies of the natural and human world. Since starting his own illustration and design business in 1990, his work has appeared in several children's picture books, pop-ups, adult books, science and nature exhibits, magazines, advertisements, and products and product labels. Although Paul is experienced with traditional drawing and drafting, by now he's also equally skilled with the computer and produces much of his work digitally.

Some of his clients include Brady Communications, Meredith Corporation, University of Arizona, Compass Productions, Milkweed Editions, Wall Streeet Journal, Dan Rosenthal Co., National Geographic Publishing, Western Publishing Golden Books, Desert Botanical Garden, The Nature Conservancy Magazine, Western National Parks Association, Franklin Library, North Carolina Museum of Natural Science, W.H. Freeman and Co., Gamewright, North American Pollinator Protection Cam, Golden Books Publishing, Quaker Oats Co, Scholastic Publications, and Macmillan-McGraw Hill.

His working method involves digital methods mainly, but he also involves traditional methods of drawing and coloring; his tools have varied over time, as he has vast experience in both digital and traditional media.

I really love his work; it is all unbelievably realistic, and I'm still left trying to comprehend how he does it on the computer.

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