Friday, May 23, 2008

Illustrator Research #23- Lisa Plaskett

Lisa Plaskett's work reflects her love of people and place. Capturing urban landscape required for her to research hours in cafes, clubs, and airport lounges. She received a degree in graphic design, and she worked as an art director in San Francisco. Her work appears in the Applied Arts Illustration Annual and Society of Illustrators/Los Angeles.

Some of her clients have been Vogue Japan, Bloomingdale's, HarperCollins, New York Magazine, British ELLEGirl, L'Oreal, Time Style & Design Magazine, The Ritz-Carlton, Cosmopolitan, Random House, Penguin Books, British Marie Claire, BET, Gruner Jahr, and The Wall Street Journal.

Her working methods involve using modern figures in minimalist spaces. They are rendered in a strong line with vibrant color blocks with a digital sense to it among graphic.

I really enjoy the simplicity of her work and the graphic style of it. Her colors also mix well, as they stand out brightly, yet they are only a few various tones of about three colors.

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