Friday, May 23, 2008

Illustrator Research #24- Abbey Aichinger

Abbey Aichinger is a freelance illustrator living west of Indianapolis in the suburbs. She has a BFA in Illustration from The Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Much of her work has dealt with unusual or controversial imagery; she illustrates from a range of subjects from the mainstream to the bizarre. She enjoys jobs from "typical" illustration jobs as much as work for the weird or grotesque.

Some of her clients include The MN Association of Rogue Taxidermists,The Rake, FrightProps, INK, Transtop, Picture Window, The Spyhouse, Liquid Fish Taxidermy, The Georgia Straight, and John Hopkins.

Her work method is done in a variety of media including gouache, ink, watercolor, digital and paper collage.

Her style is very interesting to me, and I like some of the concepts she deals with. The variety of ideas she works with probably stands out the most to me, though.

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