Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Illustrator Research #43- Jess Volinski


Jess Volinski attended the School of Visual Arts where she received a BFA in Illustration with honors. Blending hand-made and digital techniques, Jess's signature style is a organic combination of flowing shapes, flowers, patterns, and figurative forms. Her media incorporates digital tools overall mixed with watercolors.

Her clients include Honolulu Magazine, Georgia-Pacific, Adobe, Time Out New York, Camden Graphics, Digital Arts Magazine, Creative Expressions, Wal-Mart, Fishs Eddy, Cherry Design Partners, Subzero Design, Momenta, Perennial Paper, StartMobile, Llewellyn Publishing, Midwives Magazine, Group Four Design, UK Greetings, Backermarks, Paperlink, WH Smith, and Hershey Food Corp.

I really like how she works with watercolor and digital media, and her lineart has a design element that mixes well with the figures.

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