Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Illustrator Research #41- Urs Knobel

Urs Knobel was born in Zug, Switzerland. He graduated from the Art School of Lucerne in 1979 where he studied graphic arts. He then worked as a graphic designer at Advico and went on to become Art Director at Doyle Dane Bernbach in Zurich. Today Urs J. Knobel works as an independent illustrator and graphic designer. His illustrations have appeared in newspapers, magazines and advertising campaigns and he designed the poster for the White Turf St. Moritz racing event in 1998. His artwork has been honored by European Illustration London 1983-1984 , Graphis Press 1995 and the Society of Illustrators New York 1997 and 2007 . He is a member of the Illustrators' Partnership of America. His focused media is watercolor.

Some of his clients have been Bristol-Myers Squibb, DU, Illustrators' Partnership of America, Tages Anzeiger, Neue Zurcher Zeitung, White Turf Racing Association, Die Post, Theatergesellschaft Baar, Vabene Shoes, and Aktion Zahnfreundlich.

A lot of this art has an interesting sense of flatness, but I enjoy the caricature paintings with their large and soft strokes.

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