Monday, March 16, 2009

Illustrator Research #22- Jem Robinson

Jem Robinson is a UK based freelance illustrator. Her work is created digitally but still retains a painterly element, as she uses a layering process with a selected color palette through use of light and shadows. Jem is fascinated by people and society and her work often comments or responds to current events around the world.

Her clients have been The Independent UK, The Utne Reader, The Big Issue UK, Easy Jet In-Flight Magazine, Flight International, Community Care, Building Design, Housebuilder, ACE, B.Spirit, Children and Young People Now, EMC, New Civil Engineer, Property Week, RCN Publishing, Ten4, TTG Business, Young Minds, Photoshop Creative UK, and TUC.

I love seeing her painting-like images done digitally, as I'm not good at recreating a painterly style with the computer, and she pulls it off nicely. Her subject matter is also interesting with what events it deals with in the world.

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