Monday, March 16, 2009

Illustrator Research #13- Shannon MacGrogan-Ellis

Shannon MacGrogan-Ellis graduated with honors from the Ringling School of Art & Design in 1991 with a BFA in Illustration. Since then, Shannon has lived both in the US and the UK, working as an illustrator and graphic designer. She works with digital vector art to create stylized images of expressions of people and animals.

Her clients have been United States Air Force, RAF Lakenheath, UK, Greyhound Pets of America, The Financial Philosopher, Longman International, GBM London, J C Penney, Northwest Florida Daily News, Applied Engineered Systems LLC, Hoffman Marketing Group, Blalock Family & Urgent Care, Old Village Medi-Spa, and Atlantic Capital Investments.

I enjoy the expressiveness of her work, especially her dog imagery. The bright colors really make the realistic aspect stand out while still making it expressive.

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Shannon MacGrogan-Ellis said...

Hey, thanks! Just saw your post about me - what a nice surprise!
Best wishes,