Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Class Assignment- The State of the Union: Post 6

What sort of Illustrator are you?
I am an Illustrator that enjoys working with simple elements while still creating a sense of realism. I enjoy graphite and watercolors among traditional art tools, but overall I prefer digital media. I enjoy working on scenes from real life, especially human and animal figures.

What sort of career do you want to have?
I'm still a little unsure completely on this, but I know I want a career I can enjoy always at least a bit. I want a career that helps me expand my work and help me grow not just as an artist, but as a person. Whether through children's books or magazines, I want to deal with real life issues and scenery in my work.

Does your present body of work reflect your aspirations? Could it do so more strongly?
Some images do, while others seem to stray a bit, as I either was going according to an assignment or I was testing a medium I'm not too familiar with. I would just need practice in media I really enjoy.

List ten images/themes/techniques/subjects/formats that your portfolio needs in order to become more in line with your aspirations.
1. More textures in my work
2. Practice on traditional media, mainly watercolors and graphite
3. Combine more mediums
4. Have more dynamic images
5. Create more scenes from daily life
6. Explore more concepts and metaphors
7. Practice in general
8. Working more with humorous or cartoon styles
9. Creating more of a style that is solid and less varied
10. Spending more time on drawings

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Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Hey Lisa, the Illustration show is coming up on Monday so if you could bring one or two of your best pieces and put them in student services on Monday. T'would be great.