Friday, January 23, 2009

Class Assignment- The State of the Union: Post 3

Describe your typical creative process, from getting an assignment to finished piece.
Research on the topic is the first step, and I look for imagery that apply to any people, objects, or scenery I'll need reference of. Thumbnails are made, and these are according to the assignment. I usually then create a basic sketch in my sketchbook of the thumbnail I choose. I may sketch a few quick sketches of it to alter some things. Then, if I'm painting, I'll use either my sketchbook or illustration board for the final image, depending on the size. For digital work, I use my sketchbook for the sketch, scan it, then redraw and color it in Photoshop or Illustrator. After finishing, I'll usually go back and check for any messes or perspective problems I might have made.

Describe what you think your creative process should be like.
I really need to focus on making more thumbnails and finding more than just one of them that I like. For my digital work, I really should work more on creating the final drawing beforehand, as I often will leave the drawing a bit sketchy when scanning, and I'll usually mark a few things I will go back and fix digitally rather than fix them manually. This usually results in creating awkward moments, as once it's on the computer screen, it's a lot more difficult to see the overall image and be close to it at the same time.

Research and describe a professional creator's creative process.
Susan Wenz-Denise is a contemporary oil painter, and she begins her process with writing in a journal to help get through anything that may be blocking the creative process. She then proceeds to sketching several sketches. When she begins painting, she paints at least three paintings at a time, so that she spends the entire day painting to keep focus on creativity and also the oil paints don't dry quickly. She has several underpaintings, that this process continues her creative flow.

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