Saturday, January 24, 2009

Class Assignment- The State of the Union: Post 4

List ten illustrators whose work you admire, or whose career you would like to emulate.

1. Dan Sipple

2. Charlene Chua

3. Eric Larson

4. Colleen O'Hara

5. Elliott Golden

6. Beppe Giacobbe

7. Annie Bissett

8. Neryl Walker

9. Shawn Finley

10. Leon Mussche
Who are their clients? What sort of work do those clients look for?
Their clients have been McDonald's, Sony, Women's Fitness, Dove, New York Times, Time Warner, Microsoft, Virgin Mobile, Toyota, Chicago Tribune, Time, Wall Street Journal, Motorola, Coca Cola, Target, Seventeen, Hasbro, Random House, and Delta Airlines.
Most of these clients seem to look for simple, graphic, and mainly digital work. They focus on human figures, and usually have design or cutout elements.
Bookstore- Finding at least ten magazines that you could work for.

1. Seed
Art Director: Mike Pick
Senior Editor: Greg Boustead
Associate Editor: Elizabeth Cline
2. The American Interest
Advertising, Syndication, and Cover Artist: Damir Marusic
3. Psychology Today
Associate Art Director: Katherine Bigelow
4. Money
Art Director: Davia Smith
Associate Art Director: April Bell
Money, Time and Life Building
Rockefeller Center
New York, NY 10020
5. Good
Design Director: Scott Stowell
6. Cat Fancy
Art Director: Jerome Callens
Headquarters- 2401 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90057-0900
7. Dance Spirit
Senior Art Director: Josephine Dano
8. American Songwriter
Art Director: Rachel Briggs
9. The Believer
Editor: Heidi Julavits
Art Director: Mark Reddy

If you were starting you own magazine and your livelihood depended on it selling well and your sanity depended on it being something you wanted to spend all your time on, what would it be? What sorts of writers and artists would you hire? What subject matter would it deal with? How would you want it to look?

A magazine that deals with psychology or daily life would probably be the most appealling. I would hire writers and artists that had dealt with different life experiences and created a range of ideas. I would like it to have a strong design element to it, as well as keep the focus on the figure and the mind.

List ten non-magazine clients that you would like to work with. Why are these dream clients? Find and record their contact information.

1. Target- I've always really enjoyed the modern design elements they have in their illustrations.
2. DeltaAirlines- I've often noticed they use a soft, simple style that I would enjoy working with.
3. Microsoft- They work often with illustrations in digital media and would focus more on this.
4. Coca Cola- Although they keep their traditional Santa design, they work with designs that I would be interested in making.
5. Hasbro- Their designs would be fun to work with, and I could play with more cartoony elements.
6. Random House- They would be interesting to work with with mixed media of traditional and nontraditional.
7. Iams- I've liked drawing animals, mainly cats, since I can remember, and I could work with cartoons as well.
8. Houghton Mifflin- Many of their icons have a simple style to them.
9. Hallmark- A lot of their cards and designs have a cutout feel to them.
10. Mattel- Some of their designs have the crisp, colorful element I like working with.

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